RedBull TV - Dakar Daily

Branding and show package

Man vs Wild on wheels, that is what I call the Dakar Rally. Working with Red Bull TV (an online content division) we designed a toolkit and brand identity for their new show “Dakar Daily”

Deliverable includes the opener with ability to refresh with new content and states every year.

The graphic toolkit - lower third, wipes and the scoreboard were created with pre-rendered animations and editable templates allowing the editor to produce an episode daily on location during the course of the race.

Most RedBull TV viewers watch on their handheld devices, with that in mind and we came up with a system that is informative yet compact at the same time.

Dakar Tee

The layout of the maps also needed to be highly flexible so that they can be adapted for the ever changing format of the race. Above are some examples of how the format can change between the years..

Dakar Tee Sticker InVenue

Logo branding and collateral.