Luna Park

Experience The Magic TVC

The iconic Luna Park asked us to rebrand their park with the new tagline “experience the magic”. Starting with the TVC showcasing its iconic harbour location with activities that suit all age groups, there were handfuls of shots such as ringmaster at the entrance, a couple enjoying the harbour views at the bar, teenagers going into the “big top” venue to see a concert, the challenge was stitching all the scenes with a narrative.

I started off by mapping the requested scenes on the theme park map to see where we would shoot and if there was a way I can transition between each scene. Next was to draw up a storyboard and do an animatic to ensure our pacing works.

This was one of the projects in which I was asked to wear many hats, from storyboard, style frame, art directions to animation, matte painting, tracking and compositing.

Watch the behind the scene process